Fulden Sara-Wissinger

According to the 2000 US census, there are 117,575 Americans (and to 2005 American Community Survey there are 164,945) of full or partial Turkish descent. From the beginning of Turkish immigration to the United States, many Turks have settled in or around large urban centers. The greatest
number have settled in Paterson, Brooklyn, New York, California, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Florida and Rochester. Other concentrations of Turkish Americans may be found along the East Coast in New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, and Virginia, and some have ventured into Minnesota, Indiana, Texas, and Alabama. Many of these communities are served by various local community associations. Membership totals are hard to obtain but range from 50 members to almost 500 members.

Little Arabia is a neighborhood in Paterson, New Jersey which is sometimes called Little İstanbul because of its large number of Turks. Paterson has always been home to immigrants looking to make a start in the new world. Today, the faces are largely of immigrants from the Islamic World. South Paterson is bordered by Madison Avenue to the north, Crooks Avenue to the south, Hazel Street to the west, and East Railway Avenue to the east.

The Turkish American community is becoming more close-knit as their social life is revolved around coffee houses and benevolent societies. In Peabody, Massachusetts, coffee houses on Walnut Street became a congregating place for the Turks living in the area. It was here the community members exchange news about their villages while sipping Turkish coffee and noshing on sweet pastry.

Music industry:
Perhaps the most successful Turkish name associated with music outside of Turkey and in the United States is Atlantic Records' founder, Ahmet Ertegün. His promotion of some of the most famous R&B and soul artists in North America and contribution to the American music industry has earned him a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame together with his brother Nesuhi Ertegün. Arif Mardin is another major popular music producer and arranger in America. His clients included Aretha Franklin, the Bee Gees, Carly Simon, Roberta Flack, and Bette Midler. After briefly meeting Ahmet Ertegün at the Newport Jazz Festival, he joined Atlantic Records and served as their Vice President until his death.
Science & Mathematics:
Feza Gursey (1921-1993) was the J. Willard Gibbs Professor Emeritus of Physics at Yale University. He contributed major studies on the group structure of elementary particles and the symmetries of interactions. Professor Gursoy helped bridge the gap between physicists and mathematicians at Yale. He was the winner of the prestigious Oppenheimer Prize and Wigner Medal.

Organizations & Associations:
* Istanbul University Alumni Association of USA (IUMEZUSA) is a non-political, non-profit organization founded in April, 2005.
* Turkish Cultural Center (TCC) The Turkish Cultural Center is located in the heart of New York City. www.turkishculturalcenter.com
* American Turkish Friendship Council (ATFC)- is devoted to increasing understanding of commercial, defense, and cultural issues involving the United States and Turkey.
* American Turkish Society (ATS) was founded in 1949, and has a membership of 400 American and Turkish diplomats, banks, corporations, businessmen, and educators.
* Assembly of Turkish American Associations was founded in 1979.
* Federation of Turkish-American Associations (FTAA) was founded in 1956 and composed of about 30 local organizations of Turkish Americans.
* Turkish American Association (TAA) was founded in 1965, and has approximately 15,000 members and promotes cultural relations between the United States and Turkey.
* Turkish Women's League of America (TWLA)was founded in 1958.
* Turkish American Cultural Alliance (TACA) founded in 1968
* Turkish-American Scientists and Scholars Association (TASSA) was formally established on June 5th, 2004
* Raindrop Turkish House was established in 2000 in Houston, Texas and operates in 6 states: Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Raindrop Foundation aims to introduce Turkish culture into American society and cultivate friendship and promote the understanding of diverse cultures through its unique services to the community, through dialog and corporation. www.raindropturkevi.org
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